Elevation Lactation Consultancy

Elevating Your Breastfeeding Experience To New Heights


It is a privilage and a unique experience to walk alongside women and their Whanau in their breastfeeding journey. To truly understand the importance of how mother's feel when breastfeeding is tough and to care enough to want women to succeed at both breastfeeding and Motherhood.


Elevation takes care of the worry and leaves parents confident in the knowledge that their baby is thriving and growing.

Breastfeeding is supposed to be natural and easy and that’s what Elevation works towards.

When breastfeeeding is bumpy and it isn’t natural or easy, Elevation steps in to provide women and their Whanau with the support to know that they can do this. Elevation takes the worry out of breastfeeding and leaves you feeling inspired and supported. It allows you to work through the plan, building your success step by step at your pace.

At Elevation we provide an expert Lactation Consultant with 20 years experience who is a Registered Nurse with a background in Midwifery, Management and Child Health.

The aim of Elevation is to empower women through coaching and guidance working as a team to turn the situation around so that progress is achieved. To make breastfeeding possible and more enjoyable. This transition is possible under the guidance and exceptional skills of our Lactation Consultant. This time is not easy, but with the kind of support others have experienced, success is possible and women need to know that!

At Elevation it is our aim to support, use expertise, skill and knowledge so that women achieve their origninal goal, to breastfeed and are emotionally intact and loving breastfeeding. More importantly they feel strongly connected with their baby.

Elevation provides the personal approach. One on one care in either your home or at the clinic. Continuity is our strength, one Lactation Consultant, one plan, one person to deal with and a can do attitude. Women and their partners feel confident in the care they receive; which frees them up to focus on the baby and enjoying this special time.

At Elevation our main focus is the relationship a mother has with her baby and how improving breastfeeding improves the dyad connection and attachment between them both.
Women can do this with the right support!

The Elevation Way

Everyone knows that breastfeeding is good for both mother and baby and we all want to do it, but where is the professional support for you when things are challenging? Who helps you then? Where can you go to get that one on one support you need for sore latching, low supply, unsettled baby, hungry baby, baby losing weight, mastitis, breast abscess, nipple or breast thrush? All you want to do is breastfeed your baby (ies). No one told you how hard it can be, the physical and emotional demands mixed with the absolute drive and need to breastfeed our young. To watch them gain weight and thrive, that's all we want. A snuggly baby who breastfeeds easily and settles after burping. We want to do this but we need support, advice, clear direction and someone who understands, cares and doesn't judge us.

At Elevation we are your expert support who prides itself in turning a negative breastfeeding experience into a positive one where you reach your goal to breastfeed and enjoy it by small steps to success.

A healthy relationship between mother and baby (ies) is paramount to successful breastfeeding. Elevation strives to provide a unique breastfeeding experience. It fosters a “I can do this” approach even when things are complicated and difficult. Partners are left with the confidence that Gerry knows what she is doing and supports them to support their partners to do what they intended to do.......to breastfeed!

Elevation supports mothers before they have their babies too with a plan to get them off to a great start. For women whose last experience was negative or not enjoyable, an individualised prevention plan that is based around what went wrong last time is offered. This is a written plan that women can take into hospital with them that informs and guides the staff caring for them.

Elevation offers Breastfeeding Preparation Classes in a variety of ways to increase breastfeeding, confidence, knowledge and skill. Entering breastfeeding confident and prepared is a sure way to success.

After baby (ies) is born Elevation provides women with packages of care to suit their needs.

When things start going wrong with breastfeeding women need quick access to a Private Lactation Consultant and partners need to have confidence that their partner and baby (ies) are in experienced hands.

Elevation prides itself in the ability to turn a negative breastfeeding situation into making progress towards a positive breastfeeding experience and outcome.
Complicated difficult breastfeeding is what Elevation does best!

Confidence is important for all new mothers or mothers who have experienced difficulties in the past and with the experience and passion of Elevation you can be supported to do this at your pace.

Elevation firmly believes that if breastfeeding mothers are well prepared before they give birth their breastfeeding experience and breastfeeding duration will be better than someone who leaves it up to chance.

We only have a few babies it's important to get breastfeeding and lactation off to a great start. So many mothers say "If only I had met you sooner..."

Are you ready to get the breastfeeding experience you deserve?