About Gerry (Geraldine)

Gerry trained as a Registered Nurse, Midwife, Health Visitor, Family Planning Nurse and Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and has worked in both Hospital and the community in senior clinical roles and management roles. Gerry has also been an experienced Child Birth Educator, Adult Teacher and has lectured and presented at conferences.

Gerry experienced breastfeeding issues first hand with her first child and after meeting a Lactation Consultant decided to train as one and by the time her child was three years old she sat the IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) exam and passed, that was over 20 years ago!

Gerry has a wide and varied background in child health, adult health, pregnancy, birth and Lactation. Formally worked at ADHB as their senior Lactation Consultant on the high risk ward where she worked with sick mothers and their premature babies who had complicated and difficult breastfeeding. Gerry also led the BFHI (Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative) through to success three times. Gerry developed the respect of the women and staff she worked with and in March 2017 moved into Private Practice.
Gerry emigated from the UK with her husband 24 years ago and they have two amazing children. One of her fondest achievments is breastfeeding for 7 years!


Being a Lactation Consultant is not just a job but a passion! I excel at supporting women to breastfeed in the most seamless, safe and professional way. Every day I wake up looking forward to the contribution I can make to the health, wellbeing of mothers, babies their whanau and New Zealand. How mothers feed affects the health of New Zealanders.

Breast milk is unique in both its nutritional and immunological make up. Breast milk is full of hormones that make mothers and babies happy, confident, relaxed, calm, safe and enables mutual love. It is my aim to inform and support mothers to achieve great breastfeeding so that their whanau is healthy and strong both physically and emotionally.

I have a lovely family that inspires and teaches me about the importance of putting family first. I am interested in people, a people person and like to think of myself as compassionate and have the ability to inspire and fill women with the confidence they need, so they feel they can breastfeed even when it’s tough. I'm passionate about teaching and lecturing to Health Professionals and women alike. I plan one day to lecture full time as a Lactation Consultant and spread far and wide the message about the uniqueness of breastmilk and the importance of supporting all women to breastfeed. I do voluntary work, fund raise and bake whenever I can. I enjoy walking, tramping, travelling and glamping! I belong to a movie group and I am a member of the NZLCA (New Zealand Lactation Association). I love learning about breastfeeding and curious as to why so many women have trouble with breastfeeding and never seek the help of a Lactation Consultant. I am making my way through my bucket list, for the time being though, I’m concentrating on supporting women to make a real difference to their breastfeeding experience.