I thought breastfeeding was going well for us, but as it happens it wasn’t and the wheels feel off about week two as my wee girl hasn’t gained weight and there was a possible transfer issue (Baby not swallowing well). Anyway Gerry text me back straight away, made a time to come and see us and was more helpful than I could’ve hoped. I appreciated the more holistic and whole approach and also putting things in perspective as to what was going well. You can get really caught in your bubble of what’s going shit and a reality check helps. Gerry came to see us and my wee girl ended up thriving and we breast feed very successfully for 5 months - stopping for other reasons. I loved the information given, responses to my 2am texts...not at the time of course! and Gerry’s calm and friendly non judgmental manner.


I met Gerry while I was in hospital and had been through a traumatic birth. She gave me confidence so when breastfeeding my daughter was proving to be challenging she was the first person I turned to. Gerry is compassionate, honest, friendly and, above all, professional. I would not hesitate to recommend any mother to consult her for lactation advice and support.


Gerry was amazing, she saw us quickly and I liked her holistic approach. She considered many aspects including the birth, tongue ties/lip ties, and psychological. I think I was quite an extreme case with a traumatic birth, low milk supply, and a baby who didn’t like skin to skin, wouldn't latch and howled whenever I put him near the breast. I saw four lactation consultants, many of whom dished out advice without even seeing the baby feeding! Gerry was different and wanted to see the baby feed, she was patient and waited until we were comfortable, and I never felt rushed. In our case additional support was required, and Gerry was able to refer us to a Specialist. Gerry was extremely supportive and helped build my confidence as a mother.


I consulted with Gerry on my second week with the new bub. After just an hour we had managed to figure out what I can improve and be doing differently to get an efficient latch from my son. I was feeling a bit stressed with breatfeeding however Gerry thought me a few tricks and within an hour I was walking away fairly confident and reassured. It was well worth the time and I would recommend Gerry however small or big your problem is. Bubs is doing great! Feeding lots, nipples not sore anymore.


Gerry was so amazing to me when I had terrible nipple trauma in the early weeks after having my baby. The first few days were ok but once I got home and I had more over supply issues, I therefore had latch issues. That’s when I needed a lactation consultant. She even saw me urgently on a public holiday I think which was a lifesaving day. She helped me with positions to aid latching to reduce trauma and had lots of advice about healing. Thank you very much Gerry.


When I met Gerry I was heading very quickly towards depression. I just couldn’t breastfeed without it being so painful. The lactation consultant at the hospital had said everything was normal and a second lactation consultant had put me on nipple shields. I hated the nipple shields they were so hard to use and so frustrating. I couldn’t feed in public because it’s so hard to get the bloody things on and I felt like people were judging me when I got a bottle out in public. I even got a snide comment at wriggle and rhyme from another mum. I was withdrawing from society and I felt like a total looser. I ended up pumping most of the time and crying a lot! After 6 weeks or so I was desperate and phoned the la leche league for some help but the lady on the phone said that as I was pumping I wasn’t really breast feeding and made me feel even worse. It just so happened that Gerry’s phone number was at the top of a list of lactation consultants at the hospital so I phoned it after I’d stopped crying. Gerry came round to my house that evening, within a couple of hours of calling her. She was amazing. She examined my baby properly which no one else had done and reassured me that we’d be able to breastfeed. She even got her feeding without the dreaded nipple shield that night, it was amazing. Gerry recognised that she had tongue and lip ties and when the specialist saw her he said exactly the same. Gerry even came to the specialist consultation on a Saturday morning to support us! It was a long road to get to the point where she was exclusively breastfed with no pumping and bottles. She was almost 5 months when we hit that target and the sense of achievement was worth all the stress. Without the constant encouragement and regular catch ups I’d never have got there and I’ll always be so very grateful to Gerry. She was my Welsh guardian angel. If I’m lucky enough to have another baby I’ll ask Gerry if she can come and help me straight away. Thank you Gerry we’ll never forget what you did for us, you’re truly awesome.


Gerry was a wonderful support to me whilst breastfeeding my second child. I had a very difficult time with my first baby and was worried I’d face the same problems with my daughter. But Gerry gave me the encouragement, advice and guidance which enabled me to breastfeed successfully. She was also incredibly generous with her time and was always available when I needed her. I thoroughly recommend seeking Gerry’s help should you have any concerns about breastfeeding.


Gerry visited us twice to help with our unsettled, unhappy first bub. Exhausted, rather lost and overwhelmed, Gerry's extensive insight, experience, warmth and genuine care provided both a new set of invaluable feeding skills along with much needed assurance and a strong boost of confidence on our intrepid parenting journey. Highly valued the after session follow ups and concern. Gerry was able to pin point digestive issues directly and guide us with practical tips to manage our bubs challenges. Additionally was able to make an important referral to a trusted practitioner.


Gerry is amazing! I called her a few days before Christmas in total desperation to get help with latching my daughter. Gerry came over on Christmas Eve and immediately I felt at ease and knew she was the right person to being working with. Gerry is incredibly knowledgeable and supportive, she saw us numerous times and even came to an ENT appointment. I had quite a few problems breastfeeding and honestly don't know if I would have persevered with it had Gerry not been my lactation consultant.


Gerry helped me with breastfeeding my second son, Jack. It was a really bumpy road trying to nurse my first son and in the end we didn't get there (I had to express all his milk) so we engaged Gerry prior to Jack's birth to be sure we were doing all we could to increase the chances of successful nursing. I saw Gerry three times, once before Jack was born and twice postnatally. Gerry was amazing - she did a thorough assessment, formulated a plan to optimise successful nursing, communicated with my LMC and even arranged additional lactation support for me for Jack's first latch in the recovery room. In our postnatal appointments with Gerry Jack and I learned how to latch correctly and effectively and with as little pain as was possible for me at the time. We had some similar difficulties with feeding that I had with my first son, but with Gerry's support and guidance we overcame these problems and Jack is exclusively breastfed with no pain (he is now almost four months old). As well as help with learning how to nurse, Gerry identified that Jack's first tongue-tie cut had not been as complete as it needed to be and this led us to see Auckland's leading specialist for a revised procedure. It's not just me who thinks Gerry is great - she is clearly very well regarded by her colleagues - she came recommended to me by my midwife and the specialist surgeon we saw for Jack's tongue-tie also sung her praises. She is knowledgeable and professional but also has a very warm and reassuring manner. I will be recommending her to any of my friends who would benefit from having support with breastfeeding.