Elevating Your Breastfeeding Experience To New Heights



To walk alongside women early on in their breastfeeding journey, who want to breastfeed or are breastfeeding to make their experience enjoyable and stress free. So that the relationship with their baby comes first. That women feel confident in their ability to breastfeed and love it!


Breastfeeding is supposed to be natural and easy and that’s what I work towards in my practice. I walk alongside women through the bumpy times when it isn’t natural or easy, coaching women through the steps towards the possibilities of just that, natural, easier and enjoyable breastfeeding.

I support dads too and keep them informed and advised through feeding plans and resources.

My aim is to empower women through coaching and guidance working as a team to make breastfeeding better and more enjoyable. I’m not saying this time is easy, with my support, expertise and knowledge women get to their goals feeling like they are a success; emotionally intact and loving breastfeeding.

I provide the personal touch, so that women and their partners feel confident in my care which frees them up to focus on the baby. They leave the worry to me!

I provide that personal touch one on one expert approach, continuity; one person to relate to. Women feel that they can do in my care, are honoured for their giving, safe and supported by their very own personal Lactation Consultant who takes care of the worry and leaves parents confident in the knowledge that their baby is thriving and breastfeeding.

The Elevation Way

A healthy relationship between mother and baby (ies) is paramount to successful breastfeeding. At Elevation I strive to provide this unique experience. I foster an “I can do this” approach for mothers and alleviate their worries and concerns with my professional approach, my kindness and a wealth of expertise. I leave partners with the confidence that I know what I am doing and support them to support their partners to do what they intended to do, breastfeed!

I support mothers before they have their babies with a plan to get them off to a great start. For women whose last experience was negative or not enjoyable I foster a prevention plan that is based around what went wrong last time. This is a written plan that women can take into hospital with them that informs and guides the staff caring for them.

After baby (ies) is born I provide woman with options of care to suit their needs. I have a gentle caring yet professional approach.
When things start going wrong with breastfeeding women need quick access to a private Lactation Consultant and partners need to have confidence that their partner and baby (ies) is in safe hands.
Here at Elevation I pride myself in the ability to turn a negative breastfeeding situation into making progress towards a positive breastfeeding experience and outcome. 

Confidence is important for new mothers or mothers who have experienced difficulties in the past and with the experienced and passionate hand of Elevation you can experience this first hand!

I firmly believe that if breastfeeding mothers are given support at the beginning of their experience in a one on one way they will relish the reward of a better experience and reach their breastfeeding goals more quickly.

We only have a few babies and so many women mourn the breastfeeding experience they could have had….ready to get the experience you deserve? 
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